Digital Media Summer 18

Digital Media Summer 2018

Utah Valley University, Summer 2018 Portfolio of projects for the semester.

Virtual Reality Chem lab for UVU students

Pictured is the NaCl experiment built using Cinema4D. Two equipment stands, bunsen burner, electrodes for current flow, light bulb setup, temperature probe and flasks. Additionally, the entire lab has been modeled with Cinema4D and imported into Unity3D to build interactive educational simulation for UVU Chemistry students.

Adobe projects

Through the DGM 1110 course, projects were built using a variety of Adobe Creative Cloud apps. The KHS poster was built with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Additional projects were built using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Camtasia, Snag-It and PowerPoint.

Unity 3d & c# Scripting

Through DGM 1600 and Udemy, learned the fundamentals of scripting with C# and building projects in Unity3D. Built several 2D and 3D games to learn how to use scriptable objects, monobehavior, methods, classes, and functions. The game pictured above is a 2D shooter game that includes animations, sound effects, power ups, and AI enemies spawning from above.